GALLERY: Stories within a square (1994 - today)

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The square concept began in 1994, though its properties have always been a stimulus for me. It is a shape which I have often studied and these works provide me with the opportunity to approach it in yet a different way. The works "stories within a square" are all of the same dimensions - 40x40cm - acrylic on wooden construction. Each of these works is an independent unit. When used together in sets, they form environments, which recount the development of a thought. The square is used in contrast with the content, which repudiates any standardization in composition. I place emphasis on the importance of the diagonal, the symmetry, which I often refute through the use of colours, and perspective, which is sometimes perspective through perspective. Another group of works, which acts as a link within the context of the entire series, mostly pertains to viewing a particular space through an opening. Also, squares or cubes often organize the surface of the square and many shapes -arrows, roads, stripes- act as references to denote the modern urban environment.

These small squares are sometimes the final product and sometimes the beginning of larger-scale works, although one does not preclude the other. They are also part of my themes.

I start working on an idea on a small scale and then I probe into the aspects of colour, theme and composition. My next step involves the development of some themes on a larger scale. Inevitably, the colours change and the composition becomes more dense, especially where I have "built" in one or both diagonals of the square.

Opy Zouni
March 2002

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